The following are the rules governing the Utah Lacrosse League (ULL). The current NCAA lacrosse rules will apply in any situation not covered herein.  The ULL follows the current college rules with a few exceptions shown below.  We also do not allow deliberate excessive body checking (incidental body contact is to be expected).  Additional exceptions are listed below.
As of 2024, rising High School seniors [current juniors] are eligible for Men's League! University, college enrollment, or currently playing on a college team does not affect eligibility in Men's League.
Exception #1:
League players can fill in for other teams (up to 16 players total) ONLY if they have less than 12 players at the start of the game. 
Please note that games played with players on other teams however will be marked by game staff and may be considered in the event of a tie breaker for league standings.  We encourage each team to avoid using players from other teams when possible
Exception #2:
If a team can not field a goalie for any game, regular or post-season, they can use a goalie registered for another ULL team.
All players must have a current USA Lacrosse membership that remains current through the mens league season.  All memberships will be verified prior to the first games of the season.  
Teams are required to fill a roster of at least 16 players to field a full team.  A roster of 18 - 22 players is highly recommended to ensure enough players are at each game, due to players other plans and commitments during the season.
All players are required to be registered with Utah Lacrosse League in the corresponding season.  Teams participating in a game with a non-registered player will forfeit that game.
Playing with a non-registered player will result in an automatic forfeit.   If come game time, a team is unable to fill a full team of at least 10 players, including registered players from other teams, the game will result in a forfeit.  The game can still be played as a forfeit game with whatever players are available, ie 7v7, 8v8, etc.
  **The previous option of 8v8 come game time has been removed as of 2021**
Exception #1:
See Game Day Guidelines below in reference to an allowed 5 minute grace period.
In the event that a player is injured and unable to play the remainder of the season, they can turn their roster spot over to a previously non-registered player.  The following process must be followed for another player to take over a roster spot for another player: 
1) The injured player must submit written consent by email to the league for their registration fee to be transferred to another player. 
2) The team captain must submit written consent by email for that new player to take over a roster spot. 
3) The new player must submit a player registration form and hold a current US Lacrosse Membership
Players are able to register during the season up until July 8th at a prorated rate for their fee.  After July 8th, players are only able to register to a roster in the event of an injury to a registered player who is unable to continue the rest of the season.
For protective equipment, a helmet and gloves are required to play. Chest pads, arm guards, and a mouth guard is optional at the discretion of each player, although the league highly recommends that players wear each piece of protective gear.  This is a full contact league and players take full responsibility from any injury obtained before, during, or after a league game or event.  Please take caution to protect yourself from injury.
Each team is required to have one or two designated team captains.  Team captains are responsible for communicating to their team: game times, locations, and league updates.  The League will work to update every player via email as well.  Team captains are also responsible for ensuring that only players registered to their roster, participate in their games, and also that players meet all league guidelines for eligibility. Failure to do so may affect post-season eligibility.
**With exception to Exception #1 in the Player Eligibility Section**
Each team is responsible for helping facilitate field setup, including goals, pylons, and end-line balls, as well as field breakdown after the final game of the night.  Everyone is responsible for garbage at the field.  Please clean up your team space after each game.  Failure to do so may result in fines to the league itself, which will result in less games played.
GAME TIME: Games will start on time as only one hour is allowed for each game.
GRACE PERIOD: New as of 2024, referees and game staff will allow a grace period for teams to have at least 10 players ready to take the field if the team captains agree on the grace period.  The grace period will be 5 minutes for ALL games.  The time clock will start at game time.  Once 5 minutes come off the game clock, game will be declared a forfeit if at least 10 team players are not present at the end of the grace period.
GAME DURATION: Games should not exceed one hour, including a 4 minute overtime.
Forfeit games can still be played with whatever players are available, ie 7v7, 8v8, etc.  Other currently registered ULL players can play in a forfeit game if teams are wanting players to create a 10v10 game.  The game will still result in forfeit.
Spectators are held to the same conduct rules and standards as players.  Harassment of referees or players is not tolerated.  Being on premises is a privilege enforced by referees, game staff, directors, and the league commissioner.  Any rude or abusive behavior results in a dismissal from the field.
Ogden Spence Eccles Sports Complex
Pets are not permitted at the fields.  You are free to bring folding chairs and sit outside the fence with a pet, but not inside the field area/bleachers. This is a facility rule, not a ULL rule.  If pets are brought in, the pet owner may face a $100 fine from the city. 
Elk Ridge Park
Pets are not permitted on any of the artificial turf surfaces.
Time Limit: All games will consist of four 11 minute running quarters
Timeouts: Each team is allowed one per half.  Unused timeouts do not roll over to the second half.  Timeouts can only be called by the team in possession of the ball, or at a dead ball.
Game Clock: Stops at a referee timeout or team timeout.  Penalty time clock also stops during timeouts.
Overtime: If time allows, one 4 minute sudden victory overtime will be allowed.  No timeouts in OT.
Quick starts are enforced by referees.  ONE Overtime Period Allowed. If no goal is made, it will result in a tie.
Stop time:  Will only be implemented during the last 2 minutes of POST SEASON GAMES ONLY.
Ties: Regular season games can result in a tie if the game score is still tied after regular game time and one OT period.
Games will be officiated per NCAA rules with the following exceptions below:
No Shot Clock:  There will be no shot clock in this league.  As a result, there will be a 20 second count to cross the mid line into the offensive half of the field.  "Keep it In" can be enforced at the discretion of the referees if teams are stalling for an excessive amount of time
Crease Dive:  This new rule is allowed as long as the player dives away from the mouth of the goal.
PENALTIES: Penalties are served time and a half ( :45 seconds or 1:30). Penalties are running time starting on the whistle.  Penalty time stops during injuries, time-outs, between quarters and halves, and while another penalty is being assessed.
LIMITED CONTACT RULES: Officials are required to penalize any questionable rough play or uncontrolled sticks (slashing). ie. Consistently checking on the free hand or arm with no intention of checking stick.  Any contact interpreted as "intent to injure" will subject player to immediate expulsion from the game, as well as possibly a one game suspension from the following game.  Violators do not have to be warmed prior to being ejected from the game for "intent to injure."
1 • DRINKING: Any team allowing players to drink during the games or spectators to drink in the bench area will be subject to suspension and/or forfeiture of game or ejection from the league.  There are NO alcoholic beverages allowed at the facilities.
2 • TRASH: If there are trash cans at your field, please use them. If not, please take your litter with you.  All teams are required to clean up their bench areas after their games.
- Unsportsmanlike actions by any team or a team member may result in ejection or suspension.  These actions include any verbal or physical abuse directed at any player, a fan, or referee (i.e.: swearing, fighting, intimidation).
- Teams are responsible for their fans while at the facility.  Unsportsmanlike actions by team spectators can subject team to unsportsmanlike conduct penalties during the game.
4 • PROFANITY: No profanity allowed or risk immediate penalty/ejection.
- We are looking to grow the game at all levels and many youth players around Northern Utah will be games in support.  We look to create an environment that will keep parents bringing their kids back to games.
5 • PARKING: Please park legally.  There are cameras around the parking lot as well, so if there is an accident of some kind in the parking lot, bring it to the attention of the staff on site and any non-ULL staff of the playing facility.
The league has always maintained a Zero Tolerance Policy when it comes to fighting.  "An individual participating in a fight or any other action deemed flagrant misconduct shall be charged with a "three-minute" non-releasable penalty, and ejection from the game in which the violation occurred, [suspension from further games, as well as up to] suspension from the team's [remaining] regular-season games, including [post-season] games of that year."  This is from the NCAA rule book, Section 14 and we apply the same to our league.  This applies prior to, during and after league games.
Previous versions of the NCAA rule book defines fighting as "A player, substitute, non-playing member of a squad, coach, or anyone officially connected with a team deliberately striking or attempting to strike anyone in a malicious manner, or leaving the bench or coaches area during an altercation."
Any behavior falling within these guidelines, whether in the form of instigation, or retaliation, at the discretion of the referees will result in a three-minute non-releasable penalty, and immediate ejection from the game, and up to suspension from the league for the remainder of the season.  A non-ejected player from the offending team(s) serves a three-minute non-releasable running time penalty for any violation of this rule.
If a fight occurs, it will be up to the referee to decide the severity of the charge at the game, including penalty time and ejection from the game.  The severity of the punishment for the remainder of the season will be up to the League Commissioner, Directors, and Referees.
Any player ejected from a game is AUTOMATICALLY SUSPENDED FOR ONE GAME.  The suspension must be served on their next scheduled game that their team actually plays.  Forfeits, or cancellations due to weather do not count as a game sat out. 
Notice of suspensions will be sent to team captains and the suspended player.  Teams are responsible for enforcing these suspensions.
Displays of flagrant unsportsmanlike behavior will subject players to longer suspension.  Suspended player(s) are not allowed to sit on their bench while suspended.
In the case of an unforeseeable problem with the field, a member of the league will contact each team captain via phone, along with each member of the league through email as soon as it is brought to the attention of the league.
If the weather is dangerous before the games begin on schedule league nights, all team captains will be notified, along with each member of the league through email.
It is also the responsibility of the team captain to notify all of their players if a scheduled game is cancelled.
At the game site the officials make the final determination whether or not a game shall be started or continued based on the fitness of the grounds or intensity of the weather (lightning).  If the game becomes dangerous due to weather, the referees will stop the game for up to 20 minutes to evaluate weather.  If the game cannot be continued after 20 minutes, the game is cancelled. Games will not be played if any lightning present.
All games cancelled due to weather, will be rescheduled, but may be assigned to a different field.
No refunds after June 11, 2024
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